Building on Your Raleigh Lot – What Drives Cost?

Building on Your Raleigh Lot – What Drives Cost?

March 20, 2017 | No Comments


If you have an intention of building a home on your lot in Raleigh, you must have an idea about the prices before opting for a custom home builder in Raleigh NC. The cost of such a project depends on several factors. Just looking at the plan, you cannot predict a fixed price. These are the most influential aspects that would affect a building-on-your-lot project.

Lot Preparation

The lot development process begins with a survey. Your custom home builder with the available construction blueprint to decide the required development work. This process will include steps such as getting rid of remaining structures, trees (or roots), large rocks and anything else that would become an obstruction to the process.

Apart from that, if the land has a severe slope, the home builder may have to put special effort to level it and make it a suitable for substantial building. Drainage control and erosion prevention are other serious concerns that would cost some money.  Additionally, this particular property may have to be connected to the public utility services such as sewage, gas, and electricity.

House Building Cost

The cost to build is the most obvious and significant cost. This particular cost will depend on the facts like the size of the structure, the facilities integrated and raw materials used. The number of rooms, stories and the type of the roof used in the house also will affect the cost factor significantly. If you intend to add commercial grade appliances and fittings the cost would be even greater. Special precautions such as flood resistance, insulation, tempered glass, etc. are some expenses you should consider. Special security measures such as CCTV cameras, fire alarms, burglary protection, etc. will add to the cost. However, these costs are deemed to be mandatory for a modern house.

Optional Upgrades

The costs of things that aren’t compulsory but considered as value additions can maximize the cost of your home construction project. For instance, if you opt for a luxurious flooring option other than a standard material, the cost would be significantly higher. The addition of a swimming pool is another example of an optional upgrade.

Proper planning, assessing your financial capacity before starting the project, and selecting the right kind of builder are the best steps to making your project a stress-free one.

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Mike Poupard