Custom Home Building for Energy Efficiency in Summer Months

Custom Home Building for Energy Efficiency in Summer Months

June 18, 2018 | No Comments


Homes can either be bought from the real estate market or built according to the owners’ specifications. One significant advantage of building homes is that the homeowner can request the architect and building contractor to consider the need for home designs that minimize the direct energy from the sun which can make homes uncomfortable especially during summer. Survey reports have shown that optimizing the reflection and absorption of solar energy can to a large extent reduce the energy bills of homeowners. In the summer months, these advantages will become even more evident. While these demands may be made explicitly by the homeowners, the latest trends in the building and construction industry indicate that in recent times architects create home designs that promote energy efficiency in buildings. Some factors considered in the design of energy efficient homes include:

Position of the Sun:  Considering that for a large part of the year the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, architects can position the rooms, windows, and doors in areas of the building to increase the energy efficiency of the building.

Direction of the Wind: During the summer, the airflow through the building should be enhanced to make the interior parts of the home more comfortable.

Use Building Materials With High Thermal Mass: Thermal mass is the capacity of materials to absorb heat energy. During the summer buildings can be made more efficient by using these materials.

Driveway Location: Locate the driveway on the southern or eastern parts of the building. This positioning will reduce the heat energy transferred to the building from the heated driveway during summer.

Low Emissivity Windows: These Low E windows are double-paned windows that can prevent excessive UV rays from entering the home during the summer. They are also adequately insulated against heat energy from the surroundings.

Landscaping:  Plant trees on the north side of the building These trees when fully grown will prevent excessive heat from the sun during summer. The shade from these trees can make the interior part of the home more comfortable.

Proper Insulation:  Adequately insulated doors and windows can prevent excessive heat during the summer. Good insulators include fiberglass, mineral wool, and polyurethane foam. Wooden doors and windows are also known to provide insulation during the summer.

LED Bulbs: LED lights are known to generate less heat energy than the incandescent bulbs. Many modern homes now feature LED lights which help homeowners save costs on energy bills while reducing heat emission indoors.

The plans to build homes that are energy efficient start from the home design. It is essential that homeowners agree with architects and the builders that these factors will be considered during the design and construction of the home.

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