Designing a Custom Home for Multigenerational Living

Designing a Custom Home for Multigenerational Living

June 4, 2018 | No Comments


Custom homes are a great way to keep the family together and better foster that sense of home. Creating a custom home for multigenerational living is more complicated. Let’s take a look at some things to consider when designing a home for a family that includes a broad age and mobility range.

First Floor Bedrooms

Many master rooms for heads of families are on the first floor nowadays, but when you have multiple generations of a family living in one house, that leads to some problems. Having several master bedrooms on the first floor gives each generation a foothold on the first floor. It also provides convenience and safety for those who are older and might have trouble getting up the stairs as they age.

Separate The House Into Sections

One way to create a home for multiple generations while not having people step all over each other’s toes is to separate the house into sections for the different ages. There are a variety of different ways that you can separate the house; we will take a look at just a couple of different ways to do this.

Townhome Style

A townhome is a great way to separate two or more generations. They are built like two or more houses connected. In most cases, each home has the same design. Townhomes are easy to resell. You can also rent out sections of the townhouse if you build more units than your family needs.

Mother-In-Law Style

A mother-in-law style apartment is built either built inside a home with a separate entrance or adjacent to the house. Often the mother-in-law unit is smaller and may not have a full kitchen. The idea is to keep the family close and for the mother-in-law unit to only serve as a separate place to sleep.

Split Floor Design

Some families designed that they want to dedicate floors to different generations. Each level often has a separate entry and own appliances. This style gives each generation a living area, but they are still close enough that they can have family time whenever they desire it.

Multigenerational homes are one of the best ways to keep families together. They work best for families that are close-knit or want to become that way. By having a custom home designed, you are guaranteed to get a home that matches the likes and desires of the whole family.

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Mike Poupard