Home Maintenance Tips for Cold Weather

Home Maintenance Tips for Cold Weather

January 8, 2018 | No Comments


This season is the right time to tackle the indoor home maintenance you have been putting off because it was warm. It is going to be a long and possibly hectic winter, and you will need the house to be warm throughout for the safety of your family. Some of the persistent questions you should have in mind is how to prepare for the cold months ahead.


Using weatherstripping is an excellent way to seal warm air inside and the cold air out of your home. Weatherstripping is available in most hardware stores, and it installs quickly around doors and windows preventing air leaks. Before the cold weather settles in, check the following for air leaks:

  • Air conditioners

  • Windows

  • Doors

  • Plumbing areas

  • Fans and vents

  • Mail chutes

Heating System Maintenance

Heating is one of the most critical systems that have to be running smoothly during the winter period. Make sure you have the best heating system and that you get the most out of it. Make sure the furnace and blowers are in the best condition and working efficiently.

Have your heating system inspected by a qualified HVAC professional and serviced if need be to make sure it is working correctly.

Replace the heating system if it is more than 12-years-old with a more energy efficient system to ensure efficient operation and reduced energy bills.

Clean the Gutters and Evaluate Your Roof

It is going to be a snowy winter, and you need the roof and the gutters to drain water efficiently. Clean all the gutters and repair the ones that might be damaged. Have a roofing professional evaluate your roof for ice dams. During the cold weather, the ice on your roof will melt due to the heat escaping from your house, and it might cause ice dams on the roof. If the water and ice continually build up, it can cause water leaks inside the home.

Prune Trees

Pruning the trees will help keep the gutters and roof clean thus avoiding blockage and possible damming. Using a roof rake will help clear ice and snow from the roof to prevent water damage and stress on the roof joists from the additional weight.

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Mike Poupard