How Important is CAT5 Wiring in a House?

How Important is CAT5 Wiring in a House?

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When a home is built, one of the most important aspects of construction is creating a home network using wires. The network cables are an essential component of all home networks. Even if the client will use wireless connections in the house, at least one cable is required to connect the wireless router to the broadband modem because few Ethernet-ready devices are also needed to be attached to the router.

Networking can be an expensive affair if done after a home is built. The networking cables that are available at the stores are usually highly priced, and it is also hard to find the right length of cable which perfectly fits the need. A well-designed and expertly implemented custom home design network provides the best performance even better than Wi-Fi.

The house networking usually comprises the cable along with two network connectors that are attached to either end. The network cable is a CAT5e cable. It is the most demanded networking cable that can easily handle the gigabyte connections. It ensures smoother and more reliable custom home networking connections. It helps in providing mobility as well as ease of use to the consumer.

The CAT5e cable is more affordable than the ready-made networking wire available in the market which may cost you about $3-$4 per foot. It is much better in strength and quality than other cables and has an ability to hold high-end connections. The tools that are required to make the custom home networking cable using CAT5E cable will cost less than $40 in total. The parts that are needed to connect it with the devices are also quite affordable.

It is easy to create a custom home CAT5e networking cable but a bit tricky. The use of this cable allows secure and excellent connection which enable untethered operations inside the house and even outside around the yard. It offers not only superior transmission performance but also carries low voltage power more efficiently. The crosstalk performance of CAT5e cables is much better than its counterparts. The frequency range of these cables is nearly 100 MHz and provides a speed of up to 1000 Mbps. It is the most commonly used cable for LAN networking.

Due to these qualities of the CAT5e home networking cables, it is a requirement of the residential cabling network standard IA-570-B that a minimum CAT5e UTP cables be used.

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