How to Choose the Best Floor Plan for Your Family

How to Choose the Best Floor Plan for Your Family

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Selecting a floor plan for your new home is imperative because floor plans can make or break your home experience. As you start combing through your different options, it is important to know how your family will use the space and how it will fit with your lifestyle. The right floor plan will significantly improve your experience in your new home, and everything from style to shape should be carefully reviewed. It’s okay to be overwhelmed by your options; this article will help you to choose the best floor plan for your family.

Use Your Old Home as a Guide

First think about previous homes where you have lived, before choosing a new home. Which characteristics did you enjoy, and which characteristics did you not enjoy?  These thoughts will help you develop a do and don’t list for your new home.  For instance, if the old house didn’t have a living room big enough for your family, then you know that you should have a larger living room in the new home. By implementing the features you enjoyed and discarding the ones you didn’t you are already improving your experience in your new home.

Understand the Pros and Cons of Your Floor Plan

No floor plan is perfect, there will always be pros and cons and you will need to decide what your priorities are, and the things you can learn to live with and those you cannot.  For instance, while a large living room window wall can let in gorgeous natural light and proper ventilation, it may also increase your energy cooling and heating bills. A floor plan that is spacious can make it hard to concentrate in your nearby home office as kids are watching tv in the living room. Weigh the pros and cons when looking for the right floor plan.

Plan for the Future

As your current wants and needs of your home are important, so are future plans. Will you be growing your family? If so, consider implementing a floor plan that will have additional bedrooms or spaces that can be finished later. Will you be retiring soon? A large home may be a pain to upkeep in 10 years. If the house will be put on the market shortly, highly customizing it to fit your needs may make it harder to sell.

Ask a Real Estate or Design Professional for Guidance

While you may know (or think you know) what you want in your future home, a design professional or realtor can be a huge help in considering factors that aren’t tangible to the eye and touch. Factors such as energy savings/costs, possible affordability of mortgage payments, location to local resources like schools, churches, and stores, and maintenance experience are all factors that a professional can give guidance.

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