Modify House Plans or Build a Custom Home

Modify House Plans or Build a Custom Home

July 10, 2017 | No Comments


For many people, building a custom home is a dream. Imagine being able to whip up a house that fits you to a tee, with every feature designed around your unique requirements! Most people assume, though, that this is just a pipe dream- after all, construction companies have their house plans, and are they willing to modify those each time? Well, the answer is yes! Grayson Homes go out of their way to give customers exactly what they are looking for, so if there’s anything extra you want to be included when building a custom home, just say the word.

The most common feature that people ask for when building a custom home is a basement. Having a whole extra floor in your house creates a lot more living space, without extending the footprint of the house itself. From adding extra bedrooms to creating a utility area or “man cave”, basements open up a wealth of options for what you can do with your new home. In most cases, adding a basement on to house plans is simple, so long as the soil in the area is up to standard.

If it isn’t, then don’t worry. There’s another simple modification to house plans that will also give you some extra space: adding a room over the garage. The great thing about this is that if the garage is separate from the main house, then the additional bedroom has a feeling of independence- perfect for older kids who don’t want their parents cramping their style!

The main advantage of modifying existing house plans instead of having brand new ones drawn up is the cost. Modifications can cost anywhere between a few hundred dollars and around $20,000, depending on the extent of these changes. That’s only going to be a small fraction of the total construction cost, so you’re getting a great deal and having the new property adapted to you. On the other hand, new plans can cost over $100,000 just by themselves

So, if you’re just itching to move into the home of your dreams, then you should certainly consider building a custom home. There are plenty of options available with Grayson Homes, and if you need anything modified or tweaked to suit you, then that’s always an option. It’s time to break new ground, and see your perfect house brought to life today!

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Mike Poupard