Options for Entertaining Without a Formal Dining Room

Options for Entertaining Without a Formal Dining Room

December 4, 2017 | No Comments


Not everyone is lucky enough to have a formal dining room.  If you are one without a formal dining room, you are probably trying to decide how you are going to entertain people this holiday.  Here are some options for you to show family and friends a good time.

Grab Pillows

When you were a kid you probably enjoyed eating on the floor, why not take entertaining back to being a kid and sit on the floor?  To add some comfort, get a bunch of throw pillows or sitting pillows.  If you don’t want to put your plates on the floor, gather around your television room coffee table and use it as your dining table.

Standing Room Only Menu

Who said you had to sit to eat?  Craft a menu for this holiday season that is easy to consume while standing.  Whether it is finger food, small plate food, or food on toothpicks, you are still left with plenty of food options.  Standing while you eat with guests also allows you to mingle more because you can move between groups of people.

Bring The Furniture In

Family and friends understand when you don’t have a dining room that things are going to be improvised a little.  Bring furniture from multiple places into one location to form a dining space.  Mix a small table with a coffee table, add some chairs to go with the couch, and now you have an impromptu dining room.  Don’t forget to move items out of the space that might cramp your newly formed dining space (i.e., large plants or decorative items).

Use The Backyard

If you have a backyard why not eat out there this holiday season?  Throw up a popup tent and rent a couple of outdoor heaters.  With both items, you now have a new dining room.  One that is temporary and can be taken down when you are done at the end of the day.  No need to buy, these items are rentable.

Start making your guest list and planning your menu.  The lack of a dining room is no reason to keep you from throwing a holiday party.

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Mike Poupard