Questions to Ask Before Getting Started Building a Custom Home

Questions to Ask Before Getting Started Building a Custom Home

November 19, 2018 | No Comments


Building a custom home is the most significant investment that people make in their lifetime. It’s natural to want to hire a home builder you know, but the key to a beautiful home is finding the right home builder. Asking this set of core questions is the key to hiring the right builder and getting your dream home.

How many years have they been in business? The question should also include the number of homes they have built and their experience.

What kind of customer homes warranty do they offer? Know the new home warranty they offer and how you can claim if anything goes wrong.

Are they licensed and insured? Make sure you see the license and check if they are insured too.

How do they rate compared to their competitors? How the home builder rates are crucial. It will tell you the kind of person you are working with and what to expect.

Do they have any references? If there are homes your new home builder has built, ask for references. Make appointments and tour some of the houses.

Can I provide my own plan set? Home builders come with their own plan set. You should know if you can provide your own or do they only use their supplied plans.

What are the standard features included in a custom home? Know all the features and characteristics. They should also provide upgrade options that you can select.

Who oversees the construction? Know who among them oversees the construction, who to contact with further questions, and who will contact you for decisions about unforeseen issues.

How and when can upgrades and changes be made? Changes can be done before or after the home is complete. Knowing when to make the upgrades will be easier for you and them.

How often can you access the home? Always makes sure they tell you when to access and how often you can access your custom home when under construction.

How long will it take to complete the home? Know the time frame your custom home builder is going to take to build your home.

What is their inspection procedure? Know the inspection procedure, critical points of construction and the final inspection.

If you think there are other high-priority questions to ask, make sure you get the answers before the builder starts your project. Building a custom home is an investment that should be taken seriously and asking questions is the best way to start.

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Mike Poupard