Study Shows Consumers Want Sustainability Options in Homes

Study Shows Consumers Want Sustainability Options in Homes

May 21, 2018 | No Comments


The world is becoming smarter day by day; people are learning the meaning and importance of sustainable development. Sustainability is crucial for today’s world when energy demands are increasing exponentially, and natural resources are limited. People are switching to healthier and technically smarted options everywhere in their daily lives. Choosing green products, shunning the use of plastics, carpooling are just a few things people are doing towards the sustainable use of resources. Apart from these initiatives, nowadays, consumers are also opting for other options in their homes.

A study shows that 56% of the people surveyed were interested in sustainable options for their houses and living space. Also, 70% of them acknowledged that energy-saving is crucial for humankind’s survival. From the installation of solar panels, solar heaters, and solar cookers to the use of power saving gadgets and appliances, consumers have started wanting sustainable options in their homes. The report also found that more and more people have begun wanting their houses to be built with consideration to features that bring the outdoors inside as well. Open green areas allow some fresh air to breathe and skylights that fill rooms with sunlight throughout the day to ensure proper lighting conditions in a natural way. Keeping these factors in mind, building energy efficient homes is going to be the in demand for our technically smart customers.

We at Grayson Homes began with the simple yet innovative concept of building custom green homes. We believe in providing our customers with a variety of excellent customized home options and work dedicatedly towards giving them the most energy-efficient homes within their budget.

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Mike Poupard