Tips for Designing a New House Plan

Tips for Designing a New House Plan

June 19, 2017 | No Comments


Building your cozy little dream home starts in your mind long before it takes shape on paper. Every person has a particular vision and perception on what they want. Here are some home design tips that will help you lay the best foundation for your cozy home.

  • Full Driveway: A driveway should be wide enough for your vehicle to fit easily. Plan to construct at least 20 feet for a double driveway or 12 foot for the single.

  • Multi-level Decks and Patios: multilevel decks and patios make for a dramatic outdoor living space. For extra drama,  plant flowers or vegetables between the levels.

  • Garage Doors: No one likes squeezing their car through a small garage door.  Make garage doors at least 10 feet wide for a single door or 18 feet wide for the double door.

  • Storage Shelves: You can never have too much storage space. If the home space is limited, incorporate storage shelves in the garage.

  • Kitchen Space: love the roomy feel of the kitchen space by making a 42 inches distance between rows of cabinets.

  • Ceiling Height: Tall ceilings make a room feel different. Large rooms should have higher ceilings.

  • Large entry with a closet: Make your entry as comfortable and spacious as possible.  A coat closet should also be nearby.

  • Indirect Lighting: indirect lighting helps in setting the right mood in the room. The use of soft indirect lighting above the windows can enhance the room’s mood and ambiance.

  • Window Seats: These seating areas are charming, and they create a unique ambiance.

  • High vanities: Higher countertops in the bathroom are ideal for people who suffer from back pain or those who are tired of bending over while washing their face.

  • Dual Shower Heads: Install two faucets that hit you from opposite directions. Plan ahead for that extra-large water heater to accommodate both shower heads.

  • Outlets:  Do you have enough in the each room for all the electronic devices, charging stations, lights, etc.  What in hallways for nightlights and vacuuming?  Outside for holiday decorations or electric mowers and trimmers?  In the bathroom for hairdryers, shavers, and electric toothbrushes?  In the garage for tools, heaters, and fans?

  • Laundry Room Counters:  A countertop is a convenient place to fold your clothes or sort them out before washing.

  • Attic Storage: Storage space in the attic is cost-effective and perfect for areas where there are no basements.

Designing a home requires more than just the construction process and a piece of land, it includes the ultimate look and feel.

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Mike Poupard