Tips On Finding A Lot To Build A Custom Home

Tips On Finding A Lot To Build A Custom Home

July 16, 2018 | No Comments


Many people dream of owning a home in an ideal location with a sprawling garden and yard. That dream is what urges people to go house hunting the moment they have some money. While some are happy shopping for apartments or resale houses, many want for something more unique and look to building a custom home. The idea of having the freedom to precisely design what they want, in the style they want, is a strong pull. However, there are few tips to follow before buying a lot on which to build this dream home.

Tip 1: Find the Right Builder

Many builders will have ideas for lots available in the local area. The moment someone speaks about their dream to build a custom home, friends and families are happy to offer suggestions. However, it is better to seek a professional’s help for objective recommendations.

Tip 2: Check Out the Neighborhood

A person looking to build a home that will fetch a reasonable resale price in future should not ignore the neighborhood factor. Does the style of house you want to build fit into the neighborhood? Is the neighborhood growing or declining?

Tip 3: Do Not Neglect Site Visits

Always make a site visit. If possible, view the property under different circumstances. See it after a heavy rain to see if water pools in any areas. Go during different times of day to see how light travels across the property.

Tip 4: Check Out Water View

It might sound romantic to have a home where you sit in an armchair on the patio and sip tea overlooking the ocean. However, if one wants a water view, one should check out lakes and riverside plots instead of seas. This location can be a more affordable option. Also, be sure to investigate the history of the property for flooding.

Tip 5: Take Notes of the Site

Does the site have an uneven surface? Need preparation for connecting the septic or sewer? Require a lot of expensive preparation that might cost more than the actual building cost? Then, it might be best to avoid such plots and look for more straightforward plots.

For more information on selecting a plot and custom building a home, contact Grayson Homes at 919-578-6222.

Mike Poupard