Water Saving Strategies in the Bathroom

Water Saving Strategies in the Bathroom

September 17, 2018 | No Comments


One of the most plentiful resources on the planet is also one of the most wasted, water. In just one day, the average American alone uses anywhere between 100 and 175 gallons. A good portion of the water we use every day could be saved. One of the best places to start saving that water is in the bathroom. In the bathroom, we can take some of the following measures to conserve water.

Go Low Flow

Low flow fixtures can be installed in the bathroom as water-saving methods. These fixtures reduce the amount of water that can flow through the faucet decreasing usage 25-60%. You can increase your water saving with this one simple measure but not lose the enjoyability of your bathroom.

Shorter Showers

Reducing the time in your shower is another excellent method for water saving. Many people take showers until the hot water runs out, but only 6-10 minutes is needed. Try to reduce your showers as much as possible. A fun way to track your shower time is to play music while you shower and limit the shower to the length of your favorite songs.

Limit Your Baths

Baths, on average, use 10 gallons more than a 10-minute shower. Now you are already reducing your showers, so the tub will use even more when compared to your new quick shower. Try to make a bath a reward item or something you only do occasionally. This approach will significantly increase your water savings.

Reduce The Need To Flush

A lot of people will use toilet paper to wipe their noses or wipe off surfaces in the bathroom. When you do this, don’t flush it down the toilet. Either let the paper sit in the toilet bowl until the next time you flush or throw it away. Preferably, let it sit until you need to use the restroom. That way you aren’t throwing away paper.

Brushing Your Teeth

When you are brushing your teeth, you need water to get the bristles wet, but you don’t need it after that. Shut off the water until you are once again ready to rinse off your toothbrush or you need to rinse out the sink. This routine will reduce the water that you use.

Recycle Cold Bathwater/Shower Water

The cold water that comes out of your shower or bathtub can be reused. By placing a bucket under the faucet and collecting the water, you are storing water that could water plants, flush the toilet, or otherwise be used around the home. This water is also great to use for cleaning around the house.

Try to take these water saving tips to mind so that you can cut back on the water that you use around the bathroom. Remember though; this is just one room in the house. You can make a difference by implementing water saving methods in each room. Thanks for doing your part to make this world a better place!

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Mike Poupard