What Are Low-E Windows And Why We Use Them

What Are Low-E Windows And Why We Use Them

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When it comes to energy efficiency, experts estimate that at least 70% of energy loss happens through the windows and doors and at least 90% of heat loss is due to the type of glass used. Looking for energy efficient windows is an essential item that homeowners should not ignore. Energy efficient windows can save money by keeping the heating and cooling in the house where it belongs. This post will explain what Low-E windows are and why you may want to use them.

What are Low-E Windows?

Low-E windows and low thermal emissivity glass windows (as some people know them) are windows created with the purpose of minimizing the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light passing through the glass. These windows are energy efficient because they have materials that aid in reflection, absorption and emitting of radiant energy which in turn saves energy.

The glass used in the Low E windows is a highly thermal emissive and clear glass that helps in absorbing energy without reflecting much. The glass used in these windows can absorb all heat the energy from outside and also radiant heat from inside.

Why We Use Them

The main reason why most households prefer using the Low-E windows is that these windows are highly recommended when it comes to energy conservation. Low-E windows reflect unwanted energy back outside instead of letting the heat through the windows into the house. These windows also reflect the heat from the heater back towards the inside instead of losing it.

There are two types of Low-E windows – hard and soft coated. The hard coat low-E windows also known as Pyrolytic coatings are used in very high-temperature areas. These glasses are usually tin dioxide and are considered to be of medium grade.

The other type is the soft coat low-E window or Magnetron Sputtering. This soft coating is the most efficient and high- performing when compared to hard coat.

No matter the type of Low-E windows you get, this glass coating works better with clear windows. Whether wood, vinyl or aluminum window frames, low-E windows are designed to block heat instead of blocking light, which leads to energy efficiency.

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