Will Cleaning The HVAC Ducts Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Will Cleaning The HVAC Ducts Improve Indoor Air Quality?

April 9, 2018 | No Comments


Everybody is getting an HVAC system installed in their homes. It has become a necessity. However, just placing one in a home and not maintaining it, could create air quality problems within the home. Numerous commercial agents have cropped up all over who claim that their cleaning services will improve the overall interior air quality and reduce dust. How far should one trust them? Till now, it has not been scientifically established that duct cleaning indeed improves air quality or reduces dust. Nonetheless, a dirty HVAC system does make it less efficient. And, given the present global scenario, we are heading towards building energy efficient homes.

Do you really need to get your ducts cleaned or is it just another way of making money for these dust cleaning service agents? To be honest, unless and until the ducts are extremely dirty, there is no need for you to get them cleaned. The EPA recommends duct cleaning only under these conditions:

Home is Under Renovation: Renovating a home often involves large amounts of dirt and dust. This debris is a much more substantial load than the HVAC system is used to handling. Then yes, the ducts could do with a good cleaning or else the debris may get settled inside them and be recirculated in the house far into the future.

Nesting and Infestation: Rodents or small animals may settle in the ducts. Birds might build nests inside the ducts. It is best to deal with the animals first and have them removed. Then depending on the extent of the infestation, the airways can be cleaned, or sometimes these incidents call for the removal of the ductwork.

Mold and Fungi: When you notice mold formation or fungus growth in the ducts, cleaning them is a necessity. Have the mold tested so proper cleaning can be performed.

Foreign Particles and Contaminants: When some unexplained debris, unknown pollutants are emitted from the ducts; it is time to call the cleaning service.

Allergies and Illnesses: Even after a thorough clean-up of the entire house, if there continue to be some allergy-related symptoms in any of the family members, it is crucial that the HVAC ducts be cleaned.

Cleaning these ducts improve the air quality in certain situations but not always. Do not make it mandatory to clean the ducts every few months, if your budget does not allow you so. However, doing so every few years goes a long way in maintaining your system in excellent condition and the positive outcome would be the reduction in dust and improvement in the air quality.

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Mike Poupard