Your New Home’s Indoor Air Quality

Your New Home’s Indoor Air Quality

October 8, 2018 | No Comments


“Home Sweet Home” is a saying that we all love to hear. The saying is even more special when you’re buying a new house. Perhaps there are images in your head of you and your family cozying up in the living room on a winter night. Or maybe you’re planning to turn that currently extra empty room into your first born’s bedroom.
Dream far and dream wide! But as you’re dreaming, one of the things you’ll want to keep in mind when moving into your new house is the importance of good air quality within your home. Here are five tips for getting higher quality air into your home.

Consider Buying a Monitor

Keeping new homeowners in mind, the Foobot Indoor Air Quality Monitor or similar device will check the air quality for you. Boasting a simple setup, and a noise-less presence, the Foobot notifies you of the current indoor air quality of your house.

Reconsider Your Cleaning Products

Believe it or not, those chemical-based air fresheners may be doing more harm than good to your indoor air quality. They may smell good, but when you spray them in the air, the chemicals linger, and you breathe them in. The same goes for your cleaning supplies. A healthier alternative is to use natural air fresheners and cleaning products made with natural ingredients.

Invest in Plants

There’s a wide variety of different plant types that you can get for your house that will improve the air quality. Some of them even have the bonus of adding a pleasant naturally occurring scent to your house! Besides looking beautiful, having plants in your home will help freshen your house through the natural human and plant symbiotic relationship.

Keep the Humidity at a Low Level

Humid spaces are where many different airborne bacteria and dust mites love to congregate. To prevent this, you can activate your central air conditioning unit during the warmer seasons or invest in a dehumidifier.

Open the Windows

When first moving into a new home, many things may lower the air quality, such as new paint and new carpet. Those new paint and new carpet scents may seem romantic and make you smile, but they’re also full of the chemicals, which means they’re floating about the space! So, as you’re dreaming and planning out your new home and the latest chapter in life, open a window and let in some fresh air!

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Mike Poupard