Home Maintenance Tips for January

At the beginning of the year, home maintenance tasks aren't always easy. It comes after the bustle of the December holidays, the weather is blustery and cold, and there is a lot of work you need to accomplish. Still, the home needs to be maintained, and January happens to be the perfect time for some home maintenance tasks. Add these tasks to your list this coming January.

Prevent Freezing and Leaking Pipes

January is in the dead of winter and in many places that means cold temperatures. It is the time when you need to protect and prevent water pipes from any damage that can cause leaks and dampness. Exposed pipes are prone to freezing. If this happens, use a hair dryer or wrap a heating pad to help unfreeze the pipe. If these attempts are not successful, shut the main valve and call a plumber.

Check for Signs of Dampness

Finding any signs of moisture should be on your January home maintenance list. Identify sources like:

  • Leaky pipes

  • Pipes that burst because of thawing and freezing

  • Rain and groundwater entering your home

Check pipes that might be damaged, exposed in the winter cold, garden sprinklers and any other pipe to see if they are leaking. Seal any leaks to keep the house free from water damage.

Change Icemaker and Water Filters

The Icemaker and water filters can become clogged after months of use. As part of home maintenance, these filters should be changed every six months. January happens to be the perfect time for changing them before life gets busy again. Follow the directions for your refrigerator on locating and removing the water filter. Always take the old filter when buying a new one to make sure you have the correct replacement.

Check the furnace filter and replace it if needed.

Clean under the laundry appliances, the dryer vent lint filter, and the pipes.

Check electrical switches and the circuit breaker panel to make sure they are functioning well.

Tighten all loose attachments and knobs that need to be tightened.

Keep an inventory of things to be done at a later date.

January makes the best time for in-home maintenance chores. Spring needs to find you and your home ready for it. The maintenance should be about saving money and time.

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