Spring Home Maintenance Tasks You Shouldn't Skip

Home maintenance is an integral task all year round, but there are particular maintenance tasks you should tackle during certain seasons to prevent damage that may occur around your home. Springtime is almost here, which means it's time to look ahead to those springtime home maintenance tasks you should never skip!

Check Roof Shingles

Make sure you inspect the roof for missing or cracked tiles and water damage. This type of damage occurs when excessive amounts of snow remain on a roof for a significant period. If you observe damage, make sure that it gets repaired before summer.


Windows are another commonly damaged item of the home. Look for cracks and chipping around the frames. Observe if any of the glass panes are cracked or if there are gaps in the seals.


Gutters may become cracked, loosened or even broken during the winter months. Examine all of the gutters to ensure they are properly secured and are draining efficiently. This inspection is especially crucial in the spring months as rainy weather may bring a glut of potentially damaging rain.

AC/Cooling Unit

No one wants to be in the middle of a heat wave only to find out their air conditioning unit needs some fine tuning! Get your AC/cooling unit serviced in the spring to avoid any unwelcome surprises once the summer heat gets underway.

Outside Faucets and Hoses

Outdoor faucets and houses are notorious for freezing in the winter; freezing can cause everything from cracks and leaks to outright flooding, so you need to scrutinize these areas. If needed, have the outdoor faucets replaced before the warmer weather comes.

Wooden Decks and Patios

Wooden decks and patios are prime targets for winter damage, so give your wooden deck and patio a proper inspection. Look for rotting wood or loose boards that need to be replaced. Maybe add a coat of weatherproofing to keep wood protected throughout the summer.

Clean Up the Lawn

Finally, don't forget about the lawn. In the spring, remove all debris—branches, leaves, etc.—leftover from the winter time to give your grass room to breathe and grow.

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