HVAC in Green Building

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) is an essential part of any modern-day building. With rapid changes in weather from one day to the next, it is crucial to not only have a versatile heating system but also one that is energy efficient. In 2018 more power was spent on cooling down buildings than on heating them as many buildings have flawed HVAC systems and poor natural ventilation.

Improvements in HVAC technology have been rapid, with ground and air source heat pumps now becoming more common. Such is the efficiency of these machines that 1KwH of energy provides the same temperature as a 4KwH electric heater would which is an incredible feat of technology.

HVAC systems are inherently tied to how the building is constructed. The ability to open windows and create ventilation has a significant effect on how they operate. If a building is too warm, for example, a window may be opened which seems very sensible. If the HVAC system detects a drop in temperature, it may pump out more heat in response making the home warmer and increasing fuel bills.

For these systems to be effective, they need regular maintenance to ensure all sensors function correctly and that the timer systems are optimized. The HVAC system also purifies the air, but the filtration systems can get clogged with dust and pollen. These filters need to be cleaned or replaced periodically. A fully optimized HVAC system will reduce energy use by 40% which will save a considerable amount of money over a year and result in improved air quality.

Renewable energy sources have a role to play with solar and wind being the best options. It is increasingly common to have a solar thermal system which is made up of exposed water pipes fitted to a panel and placed on the roof. This setup allows the sun to heat the water directly saving energy. The warm water can then be put through a home's central heating system or into the hot water system. For boiling water, additional energy is still needed, but the amount is drastically reduced. To compensate a wind turbine can generate the extra electricity required creating a completely energy efficient home which benefits both the environment and your bank balance.

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