5 Sustainable Luxury Home Features

Nowadays, you don't have to choose between luxury and sustainability. New sustainable custom home features result in lower energy costs and a higher standard of living making them a no brainer for any luxury home. Here we run down the 5 must-have features for your luxury home.

Solar Panels

Ok, so it's not a bold choice but solar panels are a must have. Producing your energy is a fantastic perk of any home, and you can even make money by selling excess energy back to the grid. Couple that with the additional security that your home will have power also if there is a power cut, and you can see why these are essential nowadays. Nowadays you can get conventionally sized roof tiles that have solar functionality. So you can get a classic roof design that still produces energy!

Gardens and Orchards

Being in nature is proven to have tremendous benefits on human health, and wellbeing. Gardening is one of the best things to get you outside. Producing food is a fun pastime that keeps you active and engaged. In the long run, you may be able to sell your h, but at the very least you'll benefit from the fresh air. The plants can also offer a home to local wildlife, which is a positive thing to do for your local area.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling

This type of interior climate control comes in many different forms, but boreholes and ground source heat pumps are popular favorites. These mainly take warm air from the ground and pump it into your home when it is cold and vice versa. Geothermal is the most efficient kind of heating along with being one of the least obtrusive and most environmentally friendly.

Smart Home Technology

Smart Home technology is like something out of Hollywood but in your own home. This system that allows you to control your home remotely. For example, you are working late so you "tell" your home and it turns off the heating and puts the blinds down. You can also use it to set alarms, control security systems, and monitor your home from afar. It sounds futuristic, but it is well within reach and is a significant step forward in home design.

LEED Certification

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is the most popular green building certification in the world. LEED certifies that a building was constructed in an environmentally responsible way. A LEED-certified building has much lower running costs than a conventional structure and, resale will get a significantly higher price.

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