What Features to Consider When Building A New Home

When building a new home, there's a lot of details to consider. One of the most challenging things to do is deciding on some unique features to include in the home. Remember, these features are going to change the future resale value of the property. It's the time to be creative and put in some features that aren't available in most preowned homes.

Here are some of the features to consider when building a new home:

Custom Shelves

Well placed custom shelves can serve as a focal point for a room and also provide additional storage. It's a way to decorate the house creatively and artistically. Talk with your contractor to see if there are custom shelves options. Any home can do with additional space.

High Ceilings

There is a different feeling of space between high and low ceilings. Higher ceilings act as additional décor in a room, and also makes the room look dramatic and roomy without extra floor space. It also gives options for the use of larger hanging lights and wall art.

Heated Floors

Radiant heated floors are comprised of warming coils that run under the floorboards. They are an excellent addition and can be used to warm the flooring over the cold areas in the house like the rooms built over a slab. They are also commonly installed in bathrooms and homes located in colder climates.

Upstairs Laundry Room

Consider the option of having an upstairs laundry room near the bedrooms. No more hauling laundry up and down the stairs. This placement makes doing laundry easy, convenient, and less of a chore. A window or skylight can be added to the laundry room to brighten things up.

Planning a custom home means the freedom to choose between the many available features absent in a pre-owned house. These features pay big time in form and function while living in the house and during the resale.

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